“ He’s not just my brother, but an incredible friend too. I am so proud of Ankush because he has grown into this amazing young boy who’s respectful and obedient. He is a much focused child and knows how to play to his strengths. He knows how to discern right from wrong and tackles his problem” says Prem.

Ankush(left most) with his friends at ROPIO

Ankush is a 16 year old boy at ROPIO who also happens to be Prem’s younger brother.  He joined ROPIO 4 years ago, when he was just 12. “In 2014, when the current centre was not in place, Murphy bhaiya used to come to our slums to teach children in our neighborhood. Later on, when ROPIO shifted base to Ramesh Nagar, I was in the sixth grade and hence couldn’t join it. Next year, when I moved to 7th grade, I became a member of this beautiful family.”

Ankush (middle) with Murphy bhaiya

He adds on “ I was a hesitant child initially and would not talk much. Gradually, I started making friends here and began participating in various activities. Thankfully, it gave me a lot of exposure and my English communication skills improved tremendously. At ROPIO, I also came to learn about tons of corporates and thanks to Murphy bhaiya, we got a chance to visit many of those companies. We also have had a couple of waterpark/ picnic visits which have always been fun with everyone together.“

When asked about his hobbies, Ankush says ” Dance has always been one of my pet passions and I have been practicing it since childhood. But it is because of ROPIO that I could finally have enough courage to pursue it. The Platform gave me an actual platform to showcase my talent and the appreciation and constant motivation has been quite uplifting. “

Ankush(second from right)

He ends by saying “ ROPIO gave me a chance to be different. To dream differently and to live differently. ROPIO has given me an identity because of which today, I can envision a bright future for myself.”


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