Four years back in August 2014, it wasn’t an unusual sight for 16 year old Dheeraj to see some people come to his neighbourhood, teaching kids of his age and the ones much younger. However, there was something different time around.Something beyond what met his eyes, something that connected with him instantly and made him feel hopeful and optimistic. 4 years down the lane, Dheeraj calls that ‘something’ his second family- ROPIO.

Young Dheeraj with Murphy bhaiya

Dheeraj is a young  and delightful 21 year boy at ROPIO pursuing  Hotel  Management from Insititute of Hotel Management(IHM), Shillong.2014 brought about a great turn in his life when he joined this family for he wasn’t all that prepared for his future before it.  It was at a friend’s request that Dheeraj joined ROPIO, unmindful of what this world had in store for him. Gradually, he started coming here more often, and made new and incredible friends from all ethnicities and backgrounds . He decided to study harder , broaden his horizons and to prepare himself to take on life and its bountiful surprises.  Having worked and proved himself in grade 10, Dheeraj earned great admiration and accord for himself from all quarters.

Dheeraj presenting his Summer Project 2015

From being a back bencher to being the first one at answering his teacher’s questions, Dheeraj moved to grade 11 with flying colors and majored in commerce at his high school. In 2015, when Dheeraj was in grade 11, he was invited to serve as an artist cum teacher at an art contest  called ‘KAHAANI FESTIVAL’ conducted by a nearby school. It was not just another big time experience for Dheeraj but one that revived in him, his long lost self confidence and instilled in him courage and hopefulness.

Dheeraj performing at The Platform

High school came and went by quickly, for Dheeraj was busy working hard at school and improving his skills. However, when he couldn’t make it to the University of Delhi that fall, he decided to take a gap year to figure out things and soon enough he realized where he wanted to be.  He started preparing for two exams- Product Designing and Hotel Mangement. Eventually, his preparation and hard work did him justice and Dheeraj made it to the renowned Pearl Academy for the former course. However, he settled for the latter. Dheeraj received a scholarship from an NGO- Joining Hands and reserved a seat for himself at the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Shillong.

Dheeraj helping Tarun with cooking

They say that life has its own ways of surprising us and Dheeraj’s story is a witness to this fact. Fast forward to the present, Dheeraj is happy and content to have found his passion and is now a hardworking student with a beautiful college campus and tons of friends from all Indian states.




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