Gitika is a third year B.A. Programme student at the prestigious University of Delhi. Her journey with ROPIO started 4 years ago when she was in the 12th grade. Having known that she needed quality space, environment and time for her boards, Gitika moved to ROPIO to study well and work hard. A year of hard work and efforts not only landed her a great college but also gave her a second home and family.

Gitika (leftmost) with her ROPIO friends

Gitika says” The environment here at ROPIO is really progressive, especially for girls. We are treated equally, and encouraged to be better versions of ourselves.The kind of exposure we get here is wonderful. It ensures holistic development of the kids.”She adds ” We happen to meet people from all backgrounds at ROPIO and i get to learn a lot from them. Even the volunteers who come to teach the kids here bring along their diverse set of knowledge and skills. I am constantly learning and growing here each day.”

Gitika with Murphy bhaiya

When asked about Murphy bhaiya, she says ” He has helped me a lot, both financially and academically. At ROPIO, he gives us various chances to exhibit our leadership skills by entrusting us various responsibilities which help grow as an individual. He organises various activities and sessions for the kids here such as art and craft, Sunday movies and so on and so forth. These things are a great stress buster for me. They keep me going and optimistic.  But my favourite part has to be The Platform practice. It is such a great opportunity for all of us to showcase our talent. This year it is being conducted on August 12 and I’m really looking forward to it ”

Gitika performing at The Platform last year


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