A passionate choreographer at Danceworx, Kajal is a young 23 year old girl who was a part of one of the earliest graduating batches at ROPIO and has seen it lay its stepping stone. Her journey with ROPIO is a fine example of one of the pillars it works upon- passing it on. ” I have seen this place grow and diversify into what it is today . That is why I understand the aspect of ‘passing it on’ is because I have experienced it myself.” she says.

A graduate in English Literature from Bharti College, Kajal was still in college when Murphy bhaiya entrusted her the task of scheduling the classes of the younger kids in the capacity of a volunteer coordinator. ” I took the charge of formulating a time table and keeping up with all the volunteers and trying to bring in more volunteers from diferent schools, colleges etc.”

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Kajal(right) with Murphy bhaiya and her friends at ROPIO

Although she had always been interested in dancing since a young age, it was only in her senior year of college when she ultimately realised that it was her passion. ” ROPIO practically brings out PLATFORM, as the name suggests, for all of us to discover our passions and this is what ROPIO did to me.” she says. Amidst performing on stage for THE PLATFORM, dance workshops , she ultimately realised that dance is where her heart lies. Kajal now professionally works with Danceworx as a choroegrapher but never fails to come back to her ROPIO family for its every little need. Despite having a hectic schedule, she fetches out time each year to train her juniors for stellar dance performances at ROPIO’s annual event ‘ THE PLATFORM’.  ” When we talk about passing it on here, it does not imply a duty. It does not come with any compulsions or burden. What we are taught here is to just be kind to yourself and the people around you. To take care of each other and to love each other. This is the value of passing it on which makes us all so compassionate towards each other. It just means being there for the other person and pushing him/her to go do better. That is my idea of passing it on.”


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