“ I used to be a very troublesome and mischievous kid. I would not obey my parents. They wanted me to learn the importance of being disciplined and focused in life. So one fine day they finally discussed it with Murphy bhaiya and here I was, a new member of a very welcoming family at ROPIO.”


He joined ROPIO when he was just 12 years old, precisely on account of his parents’ will. Now, 3 years later, Vishal is extremely grateful for his parents decision.

Vishal(rightmost) with his friends at ROPIO

He is a young, tall ,cheerful 15-year old boy with a strong built and talks of his journey at ROPIO with hopefulness in his eyes. “ I am utterly thankful to this family for what has become of me today. I know that it is here that I have evolved not only as a student but also as an individual. “he says. He recounts his initial days at ROPIO when he would not open much and would keep himself engaged with his own companionship. “Gradually” he says “ I started talking to people and have now, made quite a lot of wonderful friends here. “

Vishal (rightmost) with Murphy bhaiya

He would watch his bhaiyas baking and cooking food and later learnt it for himself. He says “ Its not just cooking and baking. I have learnt so many other important life lessons here. Murphy bhaiya conducts value sessions weekly where he teaches us about some of life’s most important lessons. Gratitude, respect, discipline – these are all values I have cultivated here. I have learnt so much and grown into a completely different individual. I have become more confident, disciplined and hardworking.” One can tell from how he describes this place that ROPIO has not just been his extended family but has instead cultivated into a lifelong bond. “ This home has given me everything. It has seen me shatter and rise. Murphy bhaiya has been like a father figure in my life. He has always been forgiving and so has this place. “ he adds.


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