Deepak is a young and happy -go- lucky boy who joined ROPIO in grade 7, three years ago when he was just 12 years old. He recounts himself being a wimpy and reckless child who wouldn’t pay much heed to studies. He would often be the subject of mockery thrown at him by his peers,  for his casual attitude towards studying.

Deepak studying along with his classmates.

He remembers meeting Murphy bhaiya for the first time and how the latter revived confidence and faith in him . Shortly, Deepak felt strongly about studying  hard and experiencing and learning new things to expand his horizon. It was then that Deepak started becoming inclined towards ROPIO.

” He is one child who showed astounding results within the shortest time span” says Murphy  bhaiya, who adds “The hardwork that Deepak has put in academically is commendable and praise- worthy. From being how he used to be, he has shown the best results in his tests and I can only be proud of him.”

Now, three years down the lane, Deepak strongly believes  that he has not only improved academically but also evolved as a person. It is at ROPIO Deepak recounts, that he learnt computer operation , developed as an avid reader, ventured into music and developed a fondness of cooking. Most importantly, Deepak says, it is at ROPIO that he learnt what undertaking responsibility essentially means.

” He knows what he has to do and manages his time accordingly. He focuses on his work and channelises his energy to create better results” says Prem who teaches music to Deepak.


Happy-go-lucky, independent, and  friendly” is how Moreover, he  loves the fact that everyone at ROPIO get to stay together, bounded as a family. It is breath-taking to see such a young soul learning so easily, one of the most important life lessons – togetherness.




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