At ROPIO, it is believed that a child learns as much from practical and  day to day circumstances as much as he does through his books. So, a large part of its undying efforts to ensure holistic and overall personality development of the kids is achieved by conducting sessions for both middle and high school students based on their respective needs.


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For the junior kids , sessions mainly revolve around the fundamental life lessons such as the significance of gratitude, elderly respect ,compassion, discipline and the like. Murphy bhaiya himself conducts these sessions  and explains to the kids, the underlying importance of these morals and values in life by citing real scenarios to make them more understandable. He firmly believes that it is very important to inculcate these ethics and values in children from a young age for they act as the founding pillars of one’s character and personality, later in life.

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As far as the high school students are concerned, they are given career counselling sessions guiding them about the plethora of industries they can venture in the future. These sessions branch into two types, the first one being in person/ skype sessions presided over by professionals from various backgrounds and fields who guide children about various professional skills and give them an outlook of the corporate/professional world outside so that they can build aspirations to become someone they like. The other part of the sessions is what is conducted by Mr.Pradeep who takes weekly career guiding sessions for the students. He introduces them to various industries and fields such as engineering and its types, hotel management, finance etc. One of his associates, Mr. Jerry who himself is an illustrator for NDMC books also conducted a session for the children explaining to them the profession of illustration and its scope as a career option.

Since high school students are adolescents on the verge of adulthood, it is important to make them aware about education through sessions for the same. It essentially involves the instruction of issues relating to human sexuality not just physically but also inclusive of emotional relations and responsibilities. Besides this, these children also attend personality development sessions wherein they are assessed based on their personality, what they are good or bad at, their strengths and weaknesses and the like. This is done in order to give them more clarity about their character and personality so that they are in a better position to indulge themselves in productive activities.

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