There is a lot that goes around every day at ROPIO, be it the volunteer driven classes where fulfilling the academic need is on high priority or engaging the children in workshops and extra-curricular activities that help identify and hone their talents and potential. But it is important to know the extend of information retention by the kids without having to assess that through an examination.

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Our Summer Projects provide just the solution. Every year, a new activity is thought of to ensure that the children focus on their learning in fun filled ways. This activity is made usually of a mix of things taught at ROPIO. This year the children were asked to form groups and listen to one Music Band or Artist each week, do a research on their background, identify a favorite song, sing it and explain why they picked that song.

And all of this was to be done in English! It was quite a sight to behold, watching all the kids working together or deciphering songs and what they could mean, learning the lyrics and even understanding things like music genre and style. It was exciting to watch how some teams did just the bare necessity while others went a step ahead and tried to not only sing the song but add a rhythm to it by clapping or slapping their chests and laps to create beats. This project encouraged kids to surf the net, understand how to fetch information and even pushed them to speak in English, which for most is a mammoth task. Another aspect of the project were the individual book reviews that the children has to mail in to us and based on their individual and group performances the winners will be rewarded.

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