The Woolly Mammoth

All of us lead extremely busy lives where multi-tasking between family, relationships and jobs has become second nature to us. Amidst this craziness we come across a lot of poor, downtrodden people around us. These nameless, faceless, voiceless people are everywhere: on a red light, in a nearby slum or outside some holy place. We look at them but we don’t see them, we hear them but we never listen to them, they have become part of the landscape, the background that’s always there but remains unnoticed. They are considered the discards of the world. We might feel sorry for them, we might at times even get angry at them, but do we ever acknowledge their existence? Do we make the effort to know the name of that nameless guy or hear the story of that voiceless woman, to understand that she and many like her are not ‘Them’, they are ‘Us’- a part of our chaotic beautiful world. We might spare some change for them or buy some flowers from them but do we ever look them in the eye, give them a genuine smile? Do we connect with our brothers and sisters who by the hand of fate or design have become the ‘forgottens’ of our society? We have acclimatized our sensibilities to these sights such that indifference is the only emotion we feel. It’s time to change that!

It’s time to see them, acknowledge them and make them feel that they matter – because they do! It’s time to reach out to all the homeless in our neighborhoods, near our universities, outside our schools, and spread the warmth of love and care. With this in mind ROPIO FOUNDATION brings forth ‘The Woolly Mammoth’ project- a movement to collect and distribute used woollens to the homeless people on our streets. Winter has arrived and so has the bitter truth that many of these people do not have access to warm clothing. We aim to start a drive to collect used woollens and distribute them to those who brave the cold on the roads, to pass it on from people with plenty to those with very little. To spread the message that we don’t need a natural disaster to happen in order to help others, all it takes is a small effort to bring a smile and cheer to someone.

But that’s not the best part! The Woolly Mammoth is not just an endeavour to give away warm clothes to the needy, but it’s born out of our willingness to connect with them in a more personal way. To speak with them, see a glimpse of the lives they have lived, and understand the world through their perspective. Woollens are just an instrument in making this happen. We give as much for others who are needy as we do for our needy souls. It’s an opportunity to rewire and reset the way we view the world and its people. We at ROPIO believe that when you share or give with good intentions you receive in equal or greater measure. The Woolly Mammoth project helps you give away old clothes and take away a unique experience. The aim is to come away with a sense of gratitude for the blessed lives that we have and realise our ability to help someone in need and touch their lives in turn.

Call to action:

a. We call out to all our friends to make sure this project has a mammoth impact all over the world and on the same day, similar drives are conducted across various countries and continents so as to reach the maximum number of people in needa drive that surpasses geographical boundaries of time and space and unites us all in this act of giving. We need to encourage all our friends and family abroad to help us achieve this mission.

b. We ask you not just to distribute clothes but interact and engage with the recipients, share our lives with each other, and make sure that we spread a smile and make someone feel special and noticed for a day.

c. We call out to that latent photographer in you, to aesthetically capture these fleeting ‘pay it forward’ moments on the day. To nurture the budding artist in you, we encourage you to select few of your best pictures and send them to us with tag lines or short stories so we can create a photo blog which will help us savour this incredible feeling of reaching out for a long time to come.

Through The Woolly Mammoth stories and photo blog we aim to celebrate the lives that we touch and the ones that touch us right back.

Come Join in!

Date: 14th December 2013 (The Last 2nd Saturday of the year)
Venue: Everywhere in the World !
Time: do you really need a fixed time to do this?

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