Every child deserves to be educated but unfortunately the definition of education varies everywhere. A lot of our children are admitted in schools but hardly receive the education they deserve. This problem roots from the restrictive approach of our education system which lacks holistic development of the kids. However, it is upon us to make best use of what we have.


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ROPIO children during a class

Life in slums and a dream in the eyes can surely make paths tedious to tread upon, but ROPIO strives each day to bridge this gap through the following means. At ROPIO it our earnest effort to build children well in this system by understanding their level of knowledge, aptitude and challenges faced by them.


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ROPIO volunteers teaching kids

Educating and developing kids academically has always been the priority for ROPIO. Here, children are enrolled at the age of 10-11 years making them prospective students of grade 6. Then, they are assessed based on their learning and grasping abilities and accordingly set into our programs. All children who score decent in our assessments are provided regular academic assistance with the help of ROPIO volunteers who come from various colleges and institutions to teach and nurture these kids. However, the ones who do not do well are placed under our Basic Learning Program where they are re-taught the basics of the Hindi language, English Language and Mathematics. Once a child is able to clear the Basic Learning Program they are eligible to join in the regular academic assistance provided here and all of this is done with a lot of fun and games.

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ROPIO children learning online

Technology has been the biggest boon of this century and we at ROPIO always strive to experiment with methods that could enhance the learning of the kids. Under the basic Hindi and English programs, we create an understanding of phonetics, sounds and pronunciation with the help of audio-visuals available online that make learning engaging for the children. We even seek the help of courses available online on elementary Mathematics so as to grab the attention of kids and encourage them to learn and understand. We are constantly evolving and adapting ourselves to the changes around us so that we can better the lives of these children, hone their inner strength and potential and build them to become capable change makers who will in their own way pay the same forward.

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